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     is the opposite. Short and pudgy with beady eyes, Uncle Joe cuts a very  unattractive frame. However, dad thinks the world of him as he is the only sibling he's got. No matter how irritating Uncle Joe became, dad would just ignore his shortcomings and we were the poor things that had to tolerate this 'monster' of an uncle.

           One thing about Uncle Joe that really gets to me is that he would always insist on staying in my room for some good Uncle-and-nephew interaction. Actually, basically I think he just likes my room.

Lucky for my two other sisters that I'm the only boy in the family and would have to endure his gross, horrendous snores that have the capacity to shake up the entire room. Sometimes I really wish he would just sleep in the living room and let me catch some decent sleep.

           Another thing that really gets to me is Uncle Joe's inconsideration for others. He would always be the first one to hog the toilet early in the morning and slow everyone down although he did not have any where to go in particular( he is on vacation at our place). Also, he would shamelessly eat up all our munchies and goodies and still ask for more. He is also the one that eats the most during mealtimes. 

          Finally, it is time for Uncle Joe to leave and go back to Australia( after vacationing at our place for two weeks) and I just can't wait. My tolerance rate  must have really gone up these two weeks. Everytime Uncle Joe comes over to visit I always feel I'm on the verge of a heart attack. However you can't believe how elated I was to see Uncle Joe step out of the house and into a cab...Finally, its goodbye to the 'uncle from hell'! Thank goodness!