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    Tomorrow is the  day my Uncle   Joe is coming and I sure am not looking forward to his arrival.  He is the type of guy one could really do without as he has the most disgusting of  habits of which I would further elaborate in a moment.

   Uncle Joe is someone you would    typically label as a " hard-nut-to-crack". His stubbornness, insensitivity, rudeness and could-not-care-less attitude are just some of his main unpleasant traits. Examples of the latter attitude would encompass him digging his nose, farting and burping loudly in public. One time when  I was in a lift with Uncle Joe he suddenly gave off this "smoke bomb" and "stank" up the whole lift. I was so embarrassed that I almost died. The worst thing about it was that he could still turn around and give me this leering smile. Right there and then I swore I would never take a lift with Uncle Joe anymore.

    Also, Uncle Joe's " Kiasuism" is the ultimate. His manners at the buffet table is worse than that of a three year old. If he comes across a dish he liked, he would carry back the whole dish to his table and any leftovers he would pack them into a Ziploc bag he brought along for the occasion then leave. Other "free" items such as packet sugar , salt, tomato ketchup or chilli would also go into his list of " souvenirs". Thus he is not someone who would pass up anything that was "free".  Visits to the supermarket  would show Uncle Joe going at the free food samples like there was no tomorrow.

    I just cannot fathom how dad could be related to a man like that. While dad is tall, lean and good-looking, Uncle Joe is

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