Typing Test For Unknown Employment. The content of this page had almost absolutely nothing to do with the starting storyline, making me wonder why they even bothered to put it there in the first place. Also, this page also had as many hyperlinks as the page before.

          Not wanting to give up without a fight (I resolved that I would try to click on as many hyperlinks as possible to get as much as the story as possible), I went back to the main page and clicked on another hyperlink--- 'the three of us', leading me to a article of some sorts which talked about the concerns of a new educated generation buying legitimacy and respect as a thinker---, again nothing to do with the hyperlink 'the three of us' as well as the main storyline. Still adamant at sticking to my own agenda I went back to the main page and clicked on the hyperlink 'driving' but was brought to some page that displayed something about an Eastern Seaboard Tour. Following, I clicked on the hyperlink ' Dirk' and was brought to a page about Dirk getting into a fight with a lady. At least this particular link had something to do with what it suggests. However on this particular page, 'Dirk' was hyperlinked again. Getting rather puzzled I clicked on it and arrived to a page that told of Dirk's thoughts about Scott and him not bring able to travel much that summer. Feeling less frustrated now, I went back to the main page and clicked on the hyperlink 'typing' again and then subsequently went on to click the hyperlink 'quixotic' on that page which brought me to a letter that Scott Rettberg wrote to William K Gillespie on the subject of ' Don Quixote and the Raiders of the Lost Narrative Art'. It was then that I saw the hyperlink 'now', clicked on it and was brought back to the page. Now what was the significance of that? At this point I was getting terribly worn out and mind you I only got this far only because I was using a friend's computer which was a Pentium II. If I were to stick to my old computer I would have gave up on the first instance as it was unable to retrieve many of the pages.


            According to George Landow in 'de-centralising', 'hypertext provides an infinitely recentrable system whose provisional point of focus depends upon the reader, who becomes a truly active reader in yet another sense… Although this absence of a center can create problems for the reader and writer, it also means that anyone who uses hypertext makes his or her own interests the de facto organizing principle (or center) for the investigation at the moment.' Thus what I gather is that the rationale behind reading a Hypertext instead of a book is vastly different. In reading a hypertext, the individual is an active reader, charting his own course while the reader of a book is a passive one, following only that one path that the author has constructed for his readers.


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